Counseling & Therapy Services:

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling/Therapy is designed to assist clients in achieving a greater depth of personal insight and self-awareness, ultimately leading to a solution-oriented approach to attaining their best self.

Family and Couples Therapy

Family and Couples Therapy are designed to strengthen the core principles of family/relational dynamics with a focus on collectively working towards finding solutions to problems and challenging circumstances. Byron Kellam & Associates offers both traditional and/or Christian-based approach to service provision. Additional services include Pre-Marital counseling, mediation and divorce support.

Anger Management

Anger management classes can be facilitated individually or in a group setting. These classes follow a research-based curriculum that focuses on acquiring skills necessary for managing difficult emotions, avoiding self-destructive behavior and learning healthy coping skills.

Clinical Supervision:

Byron Kellam & Associates offers clinical supervision for individuals who have earned a Master’s Degree in the required area(s) of study and are interested in obtaining a Licensed Professional Counselor credential in the state of Georgia. Please visit to receive information regarding the requirements and documents necessary in order to attain the aforementioned credential.

Psychological Assessments and Testing:

The American Psychological Association identifies Psychological assessments and testing as tools used by Licensed Psychologists to measure and observe a client’s behavior in order to reach a diagnosis which subsequently will influence the client’s plan for treatment.

Program Consultant:

Byron Kellam & Associates provides consultation regarding program development and/or service provision to schools, community organizations, foster care agencies, Department of Family and Children Services, Department of Juvenile Justice and churches.